russ BioRuss has lived in Lake County all of his 50+ years; growing up in Clearlake Oaks and moving to Clearlake Park in 1977. He learned early on that service to his community was important, having joined the BSA Troop in Clearlake Oaks and completing his Eagle requirements while he was 13 years old. Russ was awarded the Citizenship Award in 1976 and graduated from Lower Lake High School in 1980, having been very involved in sports, drama and other campus clubs & programs. His only time spent away from the county was during his college years, as earned his Bachelors of Science from the California State University at Sacramento. In 1983, Russ was hired as a volunteer Deputy Sheriff Reserve with the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, where he served in corrections and on patrol.

Having put himself through the California POST Basic Academy & graduating as one of the top students in his class, he joined the Lake County Sheriff’s Office in February of 1986. Russ loved working at the sheriff’s office, serving the county in many different capacities in addition to his passion of patrol deputy and patrol sergeant; such as Field Training Officer, Honor Guard, SWAT Team Member & Commander. Russ served for several years as a detective, background investigator and internal affairs investigator. In 1999 he was promoted to Lieutenant and then to Chief Deputy a few months later; serving as the Administrative Division Commander, Investigations Division Commander and Enforcement Division Commander. In late April 2006, Russ was involved in a horrific collision on Clear Lake and that incident would forever change the lives of all involved. Unfortunately, during the investigation process, civil and criminal litigation Russ was directed not to speak with those outside the investigation or his attorneys and he followed that direction. It hasn’t been until recently that Russ could finally respond to the deluge of allegations levied against him. He will include information on this page in response to those baseless claims of wrong doing and even being called a murderer. He hopes that if you’re reading this and have questions about that incident, that you will ask, or read on within this website for the full answers, not just the sentence or blurb that made a headline.

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Russ was blessed with two amazing children; his daughter, Alexa in 1991 and son, Cody in 1995. He had the privilege of helping them in the classroom at Pomo Elementary School, Cub Scouts & Boy Scout Scoutmaster for several years. He was awarded the Konocti Unified School District Volunteer of the year for Pomo School and participated in many other youth projects. Russ is a proud member of Team DUI and stood with Judy Thein when she received the highest award presented by MADD, the Heart of MADD Award. He also worked for more than ten years presenting and counseling teenagers at all the county high schools as a part of the Every Fifteen Minute Program.

In Spring of 2010, Russ found himself in a difficult place of being a single father of two kids and no career. Thankfully his long time friend and insurance agent offered him a new opportunity in the insurance industry. It was then that Russ became a CA licensed agent/broker and jumped in with both feet. In 2011, Russ started a second business working from home part-time with Zija International, sharing nutritional, weight loss, physical performance and essential oils products.

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In the Fall of 2008, while sitting with a group of Lower Lake High School Alumni, decided to begin a fundraising campaign for the student athletes. The Lower Lake High School Football Fundraising Association, or LLHSFFA, was created. Since that time Russ has served as the advertising committee chairman and the group has raised over $70,000 for the students of Lower Lake High School. LLHSFFA is proud to have helped all the athletic teams, but also the Drama Club, Science/Robot Club & South Shore Little League.

Russ has served as a Planning Commissioner for the City of Clearlake. He also was a member of the Lake County Peace Officers Association serving at various times as its President, Vice President and Board member. He is currently a director on the Lake County Fire Protection District Board. He is also a member of the Clear Lake Rotary and Clear Lake Callayomi Masonic Lodge.

Public service is not something Russ just picked up. Russ’ father, Ed Perdock worked hard in the construction trades and served as a volunteer firefighter with the Clearlake Oaks Volunteer Fire Department, retiring as the Fire Chief. Russ’ mother, Rozann “Rozie” Cheek served in many various capacities, even with her poor health and that she suffered daily from the pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis. She served with CRC, KUSD volunteer and Lake County Fire Director for many years. Russ will always be grateful to his parents for their love and positive upbringing. Russ shared these things with his children and is proud of his daughter, Alexa who is serving in the US Navy and son, who is a volunteer with Lake County Fire Protection District.