Thank you!! we have a seat on the Clearlake City Council now it’s time to get to work. It was a very good experience and everyone who ran deserves congratulations for sharing their vision and for getting involved.

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Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council Campaign Updates

Russell Perdock Campaign Updates:

don anderson 150x150 Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council Campaign UpdatesDon Anderson, Lake County District Attorney is endorsing me, Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council 2014!! Don shared his decision with me last Saturday evening at the Clearlake Senior Center Meals on Wheels fundraiser that we both attended. Then the following day, after seeing a post on Facebook, Gerhard “Gary” Luck, Lake County DA, retired also offered his endorsement. Needless to say, I was very happy to accept both endorsements from our top law enforcement office.

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Supporters of Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council (UPDATED)

Final Supporters List Supporters of Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council (UPDATED)

We Support Russell Perdock for Clearlake City Council:

Don Anderson, Lake County District Attorney

Rozann “Rozie” Cheek

Peter & Denise Loustalot

Willie & Rachelle Sapeta

Carl & Carol Webb

Bob & Anita Gordon

Mark & Janice Cooper

Mark & Kim Illia

Ray & Mary Silva

Bob & Judy Thein

James & Jen Totten

Marshal Webb

Bill Perkins

Carolynn & Darrell Jarrett

Kathryn Freeborn

Ron & Helen Layne

Chuck & Vicky Leonard

Ray Bridges

Mike & Chris Thomas

Marie Weathers

Barbara Montalvan

Chris Layne

Barbara Gleed

Tim & Jamie Gill

Mark & Inez Bredt

Mike & June Salter

Sam Polo

Marvin & Joyce Cooper

Russell & Joan Cremer

Cheryl Sullivan

Harold & Kathleen Hall

Steve & Cathy Wilson

Suisei Heidebecht

Doug Eid

Phil Harris

Craig Scovel

Rob & Lisa Stansfield

Roger Kenny

Brenda Crandall

Julia Boyce

Kari Harris

Mary Ann Heywood

Keith Ahart

Stan & Cathy Ivans

Donna Dawson

Chris Carmella

Sandra Myrick

Suzy Pearson

Becky Flaherty

Mike Vandiver

Ken & Patti Kosich

Jim & Gail Jonas

Pat Gill

Jack Baxter

Linda Dryden-DelValle

Bob Minenna

Robert Zerung, Sr

Lori Peters

Mark & Renee Cooper

Charles & Patti Diener

Richard Cooper

Kevin Griffin

Lori Price

David & Linda Miner

Rebecca Holton

June Petersen

Kristin Reynolds

Loretta Krentz

Betty Whittington

Carmen Huber

Jim & Teri Walker

Margaret Feder

Michelle Lynn-Guzman

Mike & Dori Walker

Cindy Millan Crandell

Fred & Ruth Gaul

Rev. Dr. Steve Nesheim

Louise Talley

Roth Shilts

Rerny McCosker


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Free Shirt!!!

10346280 857184770982664 7521442142735597255 n 150x150 Free Shirt!!!

Who likes FREE Stuff?!? The only catch is you have to wear them LOUD & PROUD!! It’s crunch time. Contact Russ for your free shirt.

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Born to Serve

With your vote; I will work tirelessly with the other council members and city staff to support measures that will clean up our blighted properties. Code Enforcement is absolutely necessary to rebuild our city. The former airport property needs to be developed, thereby creating new jobs and much needed revenue for the city. There are other properties needing the attention of your city council members to begin the ball of our economic recovery rolling.

We have seen success when we work together, which is something Russ learned from his parents. His father, Ed Perdock served in many capacities during his life, but most notable was his service as a volunteer firefighter and Fire Chief of the Clearlake Oaks VFD. Russ’ commitment to serve was solidified by the efforts of his mother, Rozann “Rozie” Cheek. Rozie worked tirelessly in many, many capacities, including the Children’s Museum of Art & Science, Committee to Restore Clearlake, LCFPD Board Member for 16 years and she was recognized by the Lakeshore Lions as their Volunteer of the Year. Russ realized when she passed that more was needed for Clearlake and he had to pick up where she left off.

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Priorities for Starting Recovery

Developing the airport property

  • Brings new jobs for construction & service jobs
  • Increase property values

Clean-Up our Neighborhoods

  • Code Enforcement brings jobs and helps our family’s live better
  • Increase property values

Invest more $$ in our parks

  • Bring tourism back which brings jobs

Get community members to work together in rebuilding & keeping our city clean

  • Bring Value & Pride Back

Do you want a better future for your city?

Are you a property owner, concerned with the blight within our city?

Do you want to see new shopping opportunities & jobs for our friends, neighbors & children?

Do you want to enjoy our parks and feel safe while you’re there?

Are you concerned about the decay of our neighborhoods and the safety of those living there?

If you answered YES to any of the above….

Then You Must VOTE for RUSS!

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Final fall city council races set

Originally posted on Lake County News


LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – The filing periods have closed for the city council races for Clearlake and Lakeport, with the makeup of the fall election fields now set.

The councils have two seats each up for election in the fall municipal elections.

The filing periods were extended from last Friday to the end of business on Wednesday due to the nonfiling of two candidates: Jeri Spittler in Clearlake, who is in a runoff with incumbent Jeff Smith for the District 2 seat on the Board of Supervisors, and Lakeport Councilman Tom Engstrom, who announced that he was not seeking a second term.

In Clearlake, a large field of seven has formed for the seats currently held by Spittler and Councilman Joey Luiz.

Luiz has signed up to run for a second term, according to City Clerk Melissa Swanson.

Also running for a council seat in Clearlake are Quincy Jackson, Russell Perdock, Michael Pesonen, Bruno Sabatier, Michael Walton and Andre Williams, Swanson reported.

In Lakeport, a smaller field has formed to fill the two seats up for election in November.

Lakeport City Clerk Janel Chapman told Lake County News that Robert Balentine, incumbent Stacey Mattina and Mireya Gehring Turner have all qualified to appear on the ballot.

The election is Nov. 4.

Email Elizabeth Larson at . Follow her on Twitter, @ERLarson, or Lake County News, @LakeCoNews.

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First Post

Hi my name is Russell Perdock and I am running for Clearlake City Council.

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