Priorities for Starting Recovery

Developing the airport property

  • Brings new jobs for construction & service jobs
  • Increase property values

Clean-Up our Neighborhoods

  • Code Enforcement brings jobs and helps our family’s live better
  • Increase property values

Invest more $$ in our parks

  • Bring tourism back which brings jobs

Get community members to work together in rebuilding & keeping our city clean

  • Bring Value & Pride Back

Do you want a better future for your city?

Are you a property owner, concerned with the blight within our city?

Do you want to see new shopping opportunities & jobs for our friends, neighbors & children?

Do you want to enjoy our parks and feel safe while you’re there?

Are you concerned about the decay of our neighborhoods and the safety of those living there?

If you answered YES to any of the above….

Then You Must VOTE for RUSS!